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Embracing Change

“It’s rare to come across the words “CEO” and “Latino” in the same sentence, even in the rapidly changing world of corporate America.”

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Landscape of Hispanic corporate America: Shrinking Leadership

  As we celebrate Cinco de Mayo this month and as I think about Hispanic progress, I felt it appropriate to share my insights on the state of Hispanic leadership in corporate America – specifically the changing dynamics that impact the pipeline.     I want to call attention to the shrinking Hispanic pipeline, and […]

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Impact of Olympics on Brazil

So what do the Olympics mean for Brazil? Possibly, quite a great deal. The election of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s biggest city, as host for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games is expected to cause a sharp increase in foreign investment in the country.

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Glenn Llopis on Leadership Development & Hispanic Culture

Find out how the Center for Hispanic Leadership is influencing Corporate America’s view of diversity and Hispanic culture.

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