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Meant for ME-ntoring?

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Many people do not understand that mentoring relationships can be the beginning of establishing a practice of gaining support. I reflect on my mentoring experience then and now; it was and continues to be meaningful…this is what MENTORING means to me when I reflect on the personal satisfaction:

Meant for me to develop relationships;
Engaged with an expert individual;
Nurturing both relationships to sustain value;
Tolerant of imperfections;
Only does not exist in mentoring relationships;
Respectful of each other’s time;
Insightful learning experiences;
Numerous meetings so the mentoring moments work;
Generous of people to offer sharing in support of me

It also important that you understand that some level of coaching occurs in mentoring relationships. Because of the level of potential engagement and development for people, corporations absolutely value mentoring relationships to the extent that they invest in both formal and informal programs. The questions are how well are the mentoring programs managed within the companies, and whether individuals are aware of what is offered and when to take advantage of the programs.

Below let me share with you some key insights from DMBA Benchmarking- Inclusive Leadership Index on what the corporate landscape is for mentoring:85 percent of companies have formal mentoring programs;

–     92 percent of managers participate in both formal and informal mentoring;
–     85 percent of companies have Peer to Peer mentoring that is most favored among employees;
–     75 percent of companies believe their mentoring programs have meaningful impact;
–     73 percent of companies use mentoring as an on boarding resource and/or tool;
–     85 percent of employees rate their mentoring program above average to excellent; these are companies
who have formal programs;
–     54 percent of companies have mentoring engagements that last an average of 18 months;
–     62 percent of companies measure their mentoring program for effectiveness

So if mentoring is meant for personal development and career advancement, the question is: Are you managing your career and establishing meaningful mentoring connections? And are you paying it forward?