AstraZeneca – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


AstraZeneca #33

Wilmington, DE
51,700 employees
CEO: Pascal Soriot
CDE: Laura Mably

Diversity Mission: AstraZeneca is committed to increasing diversity, and our programs and training are evolving to generate an inclusive work environment in which all voices are heard. AstraZeneca is dedicated to encouraging more women to work in senior management positions.

The company hopes to improve female representation in senior management from 38 percent (2010) to 43 percent (2015 goal). AstraZeneca has a goal to improve female representation in the organization’s global talent pool from 33 percent (2010) to 38 percent (2015 goal). Currently, women represent 27 percent of AstraZeneca’s board and 51 percent of their workforce. The company’s employee network groups support working and adoptive parents among other groups.