Sprint – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Sprint #26

Overland Park, KS
40,000 employees
CEO: Daniel R. Hesse
CDE: Ralph Reid

Diversity Mission: At Sprint, inclusion and diversity promote a sense of creativity and innovation that generates a unique connection between the workplace and the marketplace. This connection allows us to see the world from a broader perspective and service our customers in more meaningful ways. Sprint is committed to the growth and success of its inclusion and diversity initiatives and continues to explore opportunities that will ensure that the new Sprint remains a world-class communications company.

Diversity is a key part of the way Sprint does business. As a global telecommunications leader, the company stresses that it values diverse points of view, recognizes that an inclusive workplace is critical to its success and is committed to the continued growth of inclusion and diversity initiatives. Sprint’s commitment to diversity begins at the top; its Diversity Council and Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee (with membership made up of the CEO and senior leaders) oversees inclusion and diversity strategies and ensures that these initiatives are always in the forefront. Sprint’s Office of Inclusion and Diversity works to maximize the company’s efforts to be inclusive. Through its employee resource groups (ERGs) and other general employee programs. Sprint is committed to the growth and professional development of all employees. Sprint ERGs offer employees opportunities to support and influence the business, provide cultural awareness, mentoring programs and other professional development and networking opportunities.