Book Review: Breaking the Leadership Mold

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Breaking the Leadership Mold is designed to help senior executives and managers respond to the challenges of today and shed the vestiges of the past, Steeves says. In so doing they will better lead and enable their staff, and create a work environment that is healthy, engaging, productive and sustainable. Based on the author’s extensive research and 35 years’ experience in working with local, national, and international companies, the book offers 20 principles to serve as a guide. Some examples: Principle #10: Recognize How Executive Team Dynamics Promote Mediocrity, and Principle #14: Get Other Executives On Board (or Out of the Way). When implemented, these guides can ensure that not only is there effective communication throughout the organization from top to bottom and bottom to top, but also that employees and executives alike contribute to their full potential. The net result — the organization wins on every measure.

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