Learning Practice


Suri Surinder
DMBA Learning – CTR Factor Leadership Institute
CEO of CTR Factor, Head of CTR Factor Leadership Institute at DMBA
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Pam McElvane
Principal Strategist for Research, Benchmarking & Insights
DMBA Learning – CTR Factor Leadership Institute
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Anita Gonzalez
DMBA Learning – CTR Factor Leadership Institute
Head of Client Engagement & Corporate Relations at DMBA
COO at CTR Factor Inc. 
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Kelvin Scott
DMBA Learning – CTR Factor Leadership Institute
SVP of E-Learning / Technology
Head of the Veterans Practice at CTR Factor, Inc.
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  • Leadership Quotient Assessment
  • Manager Support Assessment (MSA) tool
  • IDI Assessment
  • Recruitment Tool Assessment & Best Practices


  • “Manage” Therapy
  • Text Based Coaching
  • Interview Preparation for Diverse Candidates


  • Leadership Development
  • CDO Augmentation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Executive / Project Advisory
  • ERG to BRG Transformation Consulting/Advisory
  • Benchmarks, Best Practices & Case Studies for ERGs
  • Womens Leadership Development





SpeakingKeynotes on Education Topics
Education•Cultural Dexterity for Recruiters
•Get’em: Next Practices for Minority Recruitment
Assessment•Recruiting Funnel Analysis
Coaching•One-on-One Interview Prep for Diverse Candidates
Consulting•Recruiting Driver Improvement
•Second Career Recruiting Program
•Alumni Association Recruiting Program
Digital•Job Bidding Platform
•Alternative Screening Questionnaire



SpeakingKeynotes on Education Topics
Education•Pitch Perfect: Fostering a Culture of Civility, Professionalism, Courtesy & Respect
•Diversity in Disguise: The Curious Case of Covering
•Keep’em: Next Practices in Minority Retention
•Born on the 4th of July: Veteran transition
Assessment•Manager Support Assessment (MSA) tool
•Retention Driver Analysis
Coaching•Text-based Coaching
•“Manage’’ Therapy
Consulting•Retention Metrics Improvement
Digital•Digital Platform for Thought Diversity (QuantumFLY)



SpeakingKeynotes on Education Topics
Education•Top Gun: How High Is Your Leadership Quotient
•Basic Instinct: The Unusual Case of Unconscious Bias
•Grow’em: Next Practices in Minority Development
•Latino Power: Cultural Norms & Impact on Work Styles
•Latina Power: Leveraging Archetypal Strengths
•Professional Skepticism: The Art & Science of Being Columbo
Assessment•CTR Factor Leadership Quotient Assessment
•Manager Support Assessment (MSA) Tool
Coaching•Text-based Coaching
Consulting•Succession Planning Process Re-design
Digital•Micro Action Change (MAC) Platform



SpeakingKeynotes on Education Topics
Education•Diff’rent Strokes: The Amazing Impact of Cultural Dexterity
•Transformers: From ERGs to BRGs
•Invisibilities: Leveraging the Differently Abled
•Talk Soup: The Power of Inclusive Conversation
•Modern Family: LGBT Issues in the Workplace
Assessment•ERG Critical Success Factor Assessment
Coaching•ERG Leader Coaching
Consulting•Employee Needs Segmentation
•Employee Resource Group Transformation
•Employee Revenue Groups
Digital•Digital Platform for Thought Diversity (QuantumFLY)
•Digital Platform for ERGs (Diverst)
•Meetup Platform (Brown Bag)



SpeakingKeynotes on Education Topics
Education•Back to the Future: Next Practices in Diversity & Inclusion
•Shark Tank: The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
•Generational Forces: Millennials, Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers in the Workplace
•Gender Forces: Mars & Venus in the Workplace
•Global Forces: From Monocultural to Multicultural Workplaces
•Certificate of Inclusive Leadership in Diverse Environments
Assessment•Intercultural Development Inventory
•Diversity & Inclusion Audit & Assessment
Coaching•IDI based coaching
Consulting•Chief Diversity Officer Staff Augmentation
•Comprehensive D&I Scorecard Implementation
•Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Development
•Funding for Learning Programs & Events
Digital•Digital Platform for ERGs (Diverst)