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Program Structure: Individuals Bringing It

We want the roundtable platform where people in businesses can complement each other no matter where they are contributing in the business. They can have the conversations about inclusive diversity without fear. Engaging in inclusion always; with the commitment to hear one another with the respect to listen and bring different perspectives.

We are blending the business conversation with the inclusive diversity imperative at our industry roundtable hot topics. Both business leaders and diversity practitioners are bringing the conversations forward challenging your perspective.


  • Healthcare roundtable hot topic: the equity imperative
  • Technology roundtable hot topic: the gap between talent and innovation
  • Sports roundtable hot topic: where’s the diversity
  • Legal roundtable hot topic: is diversity billable
  • Performance roundtable hot topic: chemistry of the B’s: Brain-Bias-Beauty
  • Financial Services roundtable hot topic: creating wealth while filling the talent gap
  • Retail roundtable hot topic: who is king of ecommerce….Amazon?