Fannie Mae – 2011 50 Out Front #14


Washington, DC
7,300 employees

Founded 1938
CEO: Michael Williams
CDE: Darlene Slaughter

Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise with a mission to increase available funds to make home ownership and rental housing more available/affordable. It considers encouraging diversity and inclusion in its employees the most important element of its workforce strategy. It believes in aligning its talent development/review and career development programs to expand opportunities for all employees, increasing recruitment of top talent through expanded diverse partnerships, diverse event focus/participation, and other techniques. Fannie Mae sees valuing diversity and inclusion as a component of building a high-performing culture. It offers resources to develop managers as more effective leaders, and leverages the experience of its employees through employee resource groups to support its mission. Its Diversity Advisory Council provides feedback and challenges the impact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s initiatives have or may have on Fannie Mae’s business. The office also identifies opportunities to align with corporate efforts aimed at foreclosure prevention and lending in communities of color.