Deepinder Ahuja MBA – 2018 Top 100 Under 50 Executive Leader


Deepinder S Ahuja
Vice President of Service Integration
Advocate Children’s Hospital

Deepinder has shown great dedication in his role as Vice President of Service Integration at Advocate Children’s Hospital. He is responsible for identifying opportunities for service line integration between ACH sites of care. As Administration of Operations Integration & Analysis, he’s responsible for driving the cost management program for the System, through identification of opportunities for improvement, leading organizational cost reductions efforts, leading organizational change, operations and financial analysis and monitoring the impact of improvement initiatives. He’s also accountable for efficient and effective operations, consistent with overall financial goals and expectations and within Advocate Children’s Hospital policies and procedures. He’s received certifications as a Project Management Professional and Healthcare Financial Professional. Prior to his career experience, Deepinder obtained a Bachelor of Science in Management and Economics from Tulane University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.