Demitrus Evans JD – 2018 Top 100 Under 50 Executive Leader


Demitrus Evans, JD, LLM
The Evans International law Firms LLC

At TEIL Firms, The Evans International Law Firms, Demitrus focuses on Business Law, successfully helping small and medium size clients with corporate structuring, Business Litigation, Trademarks and Import Export.  Attorney Evans began her career with Amnesty International and matriculated to the Federal Appellate Defenders Office in 1997. Her legal clerkship with The Law Office of Ted Stein, in employment discrimination, landed her first attorney position with Samuel’s & Associates, a general law practice in the Chicago Loop practicing civil, corporate, contractual and employment discrimination. With sophisticated skills and experience in both legal services and corporate management, Demitrus can not only help clients with legal issues, but also be able to plan businesses ahead with legal wisdom to avoid potential troubles.