Gabriela Rodil MBA – 2018 Top 100 Under 50 Executive Leader

Gabriela Rodil MBA

Gabriela Rodil
Gabriela Rodil & Co

Gabriela is the CEO of Gabriela Rodil & Co as the principal CEO, Gabriella has a practical approach in creating, developing, and helping business grow. She’s the partner and advisor to unleash business’ potential. She does hands on consulting work to engage employees and achieve financial and operational goals. Prior to starting her own business, she was the CFO of Flexan LLC optimized cash flow between Chinese and US entities, resulting in a reduction of borrowing by 45%. Gabriella is a multilingual (Portuguese, Spanish, English, intermediate German, French, and Italian) global executive focused on transforming business to achieve greater financial and operational success with skills including strategic planning, exit and succession strategy, mergers & acquisition, and international finance & cross border business experience. She’s obtained an associate degree in accounting from Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Fundacao Armando Alveres Penteado, SP, Brazil, and an MBA from the university of Miami.