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Cait Flanders (Andrew Williamson)

The One-Year Shopping Ban: How This Woman Lived On Just 51% Of Her Income

A month later (and a year ago today), she embarked upon a year-long shopping ban. Over the year, she got rid of 70% of her stuff, lived on just 51% of her income ($28,000 CAD, $22,000 USD), saved 31% (about $17,000 CAD, $13,500 USD) and traveled on the last 18%, with two trips to New […]

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Data Security, Audits and Uncertainty Keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night

Data security and payment security are 2 areas that entrepreneurs are learning about — often after problems arise. Here a 4 things worrying entrepreneurs and what you can do about them.

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Cover of A Spiritual Budget: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Living a Rich Life

How many of us look around and appreciate what we already have in our lives?

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