YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLEThe SituationThe Felicity Huffman Varsity Blues Scandal has been deemed by many as just another case of the...


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Ask Pam: Leaky Pipeline Series One

How leaky is the pipeline for woman? Leaky Talent Pipeline Series  The intent of this series is to encourage dialogue about the impact of the leaky...
Noticias Telemundo


TRANSCRIPT: NOTICIAS TELEMUNDO’S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE MIAMI -March 6, 2019-US Vice President Mike Pence granted his first exclusive interview to a...
Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

Indian Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu

Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu, author of the new thriller Storm, is available to talk about her experience writhing about abuse, Sikhism, self publishing and tolerance...
Foodservice Forum

Foodservice Forum

WOMEN’S FOODSERVICE FORUM EXPANDS MISSION AND EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM Dallas, December 19, 2018 – For almost three decades, Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF,) has been the leadership...
Womens Day

Happy International Women

Happy International Women's Day. Here's a story about changing women's lives and shaping the industry of the 2nd largest employer of women (event and...


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Prada, What Were You Thinking! OR The Importance of Diverse & Inclusive Input on Marketing & Product Development By Deborah P. Ashton, Ph.D., CDM, Chief Psychologist &...
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What Is In A Name

What’s In A Name--They, Ze, She, He by Dr. Deborah Ashton, Chief Psychologist & Head of Behavioral Practices & Research Diversity MBA The first tenet of inclusion...
Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

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