Thriving to be the Best

We are a lean organization that thrives on attracting people who are willing to use their talents to explore, learn, and develop. We have a matrix model where self- directed teams and individual contributors are essential to our operations. Our team expands beyond our borders to include partners, contractors, and key alliances. Accountability across disciplines is how we ensure we achieve our desired outcomes.  Everyone is a key link in our chain. In addition, we leverage technology to bring life to our multiple platforms. We collectively innovate to keep pace with the constant change of information. Diversity is at our core; inclusion is how exchange and belonging are the way we want everyone to feel.  Our culture thrives on people development, recognition, and authenticity in the workplace.  We Want All of You.

Technology and performance metrics are aligned with every key function as part of our decision-making process. We leverage 25 technologies in executing our daily activities, thereby cross training our team on multiple platforms throughout the year.  Our standards include a 24-hour response time with calls and emails being answered in the timeliest fashion.

Uniquely, we have embedded our three pillars of publishing, learning, and research into a streamlined operational platform that allows our team to seamlessly execute from one initiative to another.

Customer and Member Services is managed by our dedicated team. Our satisfaction goal is to achieve 98 percent among our constituents and 100 percent among our members. Our aim is to ensure our customers, clients, and partners are receiving added value and more at every level of service.

We have multi-dimensional sales channels that are managed by an experienced dedicated team. Our sales connections are motivated by nurtured relationships, engagement, and experiences. The key element is our team cares about treating clients with a high level of value and excellence. Year over year, this department has grown a minimum of 30 percent, exceeding all targets of service and revenue goals.

Our marketing and digital team put ‘W’ in Wow. This group ranges from publishing print to all digital platforms. Our team members and clients crave the unique creativity that pours out daily. Sharing stories and collecting memories that are everlasting is our mantra. Our marketing platform is more than just promoting the brand; we create meaningful moments and celebrate achievements of anyone that has experienced Diversity MBA.

Marketing has a robust process that is aligned with our overall growth strategy.  They have developed a brand campaign for every product and service line. We plan to reach one million followers across platforms by 2023.


This department is headed by our esteemed executive editor, who is a dean of journalism and a Harvard graduate. The digital team is led by our energetic digital editor, who has a team of Millennials and Gen Z’s. Our production team is staffed with very seasoned and celebrated designers, and our contributing editors represent all cultures within the marketplace.

This team is on fire as they plan four months in advance to keep pace with all the publications, online content, book deadlines, blogs, news briefs, and more. We also source hundreds of public relation requests weekly to support marketplace leadership and diversity news.

Our hope is that the content we provide within the diverse mediums we offer will allow you to feel heard. We invite you to engage with Diversity MBA and share your voice.


Diversity MBA Media has a unique recognition platform, embedded in its core values, used to celebrate others that contribute to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The blended execution of a national leadership and awards conference, regional forums, webinars, and industry roundtables have increased our positioning as the leading multicultural leadership organization.

Diversity Learning Solutions, a division of P&L Group

Our learning and education are driven by our director of learning and programs, who is a credentialed curriculum design expert. We develop original content from 30,000 insights derived from our research to customize education and development programs for our clients. Since we have original data collected on an annual basis, we are positioned to support companies in leveraging their assets to deepen their commitment to inclusive cultures.

Our learning technology capability is powered by Bold Business. This organization has integrated our content into learning platforms that allow employees to learn on a continuous basis using all available digital outlets. In addition, we have 3-5-minute nugget learning, online courses, certifications, and more.


The source of our original data is fueled by our inclusive leadership index (ILI). We have recognized more than 700 companies for the best places to work and honored 1500 Top 100 leaders over a 15-year span, which has allowed us to provide 68 industry trends, metrics on leading edge talent management, and diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.


This area of focus shows up in various ways. For example, we offer people the opportunity to connect and network through both virtual and live training programs. Our team creates events that are inclusive of, but not limited to, innovation labs, custom learning environments, interactive webinars, and more.

Our public relations firm integrates our assets to deliver key results. We partner with a boutique, minority-owned media firm that has the talent and expertise to stay cutting edge both in North America and global markets. The firm engages our CEO in mainstream media outlets (e.g., print, radio, and television) to allow her to best showcase her expertise.

Diversity MBA has its own diversity news media outlet. Our network of more than 200 public relations firms and agencies leverage our assets as part of their delivery to clients. Through our partner news, breaking news, promotions, literary reviews, and “who’s who,” we have created a multi-dimensional platform to celebrate, educate, and promote stakeholders in this space.

Community is our most valued connection to others. We have developed relationships with several stakeholders that make up the DMBA community. They include entrepreneurs, students, professional organizations, not for profit groups, public schools, and social agencies designed to serve others as well as local and state governments.

Diversity MBA Foundation has been created to serve the above-mentioned collectives for the purpose of supporting underserved and under-represented communities and students. The foundation is led by a multi-cultural team of leaders. Its primary focus is to provide aid for high school students that are college bound in addition to students in programs like STEAM, STEM, and Financial Literacy. This organization also produces wrap around support for families to achieve secondary education and incorporates an initiative designed to collaborate with agencies that provide programs to mitigate systemic racism in communities and the workplace.

Conceive It, Believe It, Achieve It!