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Observations on Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Even when taking mentoring and skills into account, men had received 72% of promotions compared with 65% of the women.

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2 National Cancer Institute Programs Working to Bring Minorities into Cancer Research

Through two key programs, NCI aims to encourage more researchers from under-served communities to join the field and prepare underrepresented scientists for the rigors of a research career.

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Japanese city

Demographic & Cultural Realities Reshaping Japanese Business

Japan remains a place of opportunity for businesses. But demographic and economic shifts are causing Japanese business and government to rethink political and economic norms.

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50 and Forgotten: How To Find Your Next Job When No One Wants To Hire You by Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane

In order to overcome bias against older professionals, you need to follow a three-step plan. First, prepare counter-arguments against these objections. Second, leverage your age as an asset. Third, revise your job search tactics.

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