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Joe Lagner

Data Security, Audits and Uncertainty Keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night

Data security and payment security are 2 areas that entrepreneurs are learning about — often after problems arise. Here a 4 things worrying entrepreneurs and what you can do about them.

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Deb Seaton Author of A Spiritual

Living a Rich Life

How many of us look around and appreciate what we already have in our lives?

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Build Your Financially Free Future

A clear understanding of and action upon the relationships among credit, debt, and saving will transform your financial picture, and your life, from just-getting-by to getting ahead.

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Wealth Building For Beginners: A 5 Step Plan

The following straightforward principles can help recent graduates (and, indeed, people of all ages) save and invest their way to financial security.

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College grad with money on his mind

Six Lessons About Money Every College Graduate Should Learn by Lottie L. Joiner

Knowing how to manage that first regular paycheck is a major lesson of adulthood.

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Mastering the Interview & Getting the Income You Want by Charmon Parker Williams, Ph.D.

Interviewing is akin to marketing and is a blend of art and science. Potential buyers will be looking for what you can contribute, what you cost, and whether or not there is chemistry.

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women holding money

The Top Things Women Should Consider When Creating a Financial Plan

Nearly 60 percent of women are in the labor force today compared with only 43 percent in 1970. But women are still more likely than men to live in poverty despite women’s advancement in the labor force and their growing financial power. Why?

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Money building-blocks

10 Rules for Building Wealth by Patrice A. Kelly

The person who wants to be rich saves a lot from an early age, chooses a mix of investments that suits his or her age, lifestyle and attitude to risk and lets time and compound interest work its magic. There are steps you can take to make sure that you are maximizing and protecting your […]

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