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I don’t like YOU…I think?

    Bias — is it inherently a part of our DNA or is it a learned behavior? That is a question that has long been asked and, as recent events have shown, is as relevant as ever. I want to provide some perspective on this topic.         We talk about diversity […]

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Pam’s Blog:  Insights

Next Up… You?

  Let’s talk about succession planning. Ask yourself some honest, purposeful questions about where you are on your career path. Are you right where you want to be? Are you getting the assignments that are developing your skills and competencies? Are you prepared for the next opportunity right now? If so, who knows?     […]

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2014 Conference – Power Pack Toolkit Speakers

Learn about Denise, Manuel, Mary, Doug & Nadine before meeting them at the 2014 Leadership Conference.

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Cheri Wilson

Roundtable Speakers at the 2014 DMBA Leadership Conference

Industry Roundtables are two-hour long sessions that provide participants with an intimate and informative forum for discussion trends, issues, and emerging topics.

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2014 Conference – Executive Luncheon Speaker

Learn more about Anise D. Wiley-Little, the featured speaker at the Executive Luncheon during the 2014 Leadership Conference.

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2014 Conference – Diversity Leadership Session Speakers

Learn about Doug Harris, Sharon Leslie Morgan, Morgan DeWolf & Dr. Jamieson before attending the 2014 Diversity Leadership Conference & Gala.

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2014 Conference Session Descriptions

Descriptions of the different types of sessions you’ll find at the 2014 Leadership Conference September 16-18, 2014.

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Editor’s Note: Black Entrepreneurship

Do African Americans have as little to celebrate, when it comes to entrepreneurship, as a drive around black communities in Atlanta and Detroit (and other major cities) might suggest?

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