Fueling the Funnel?

Pam’s Blog:  Insights

Pam’s Blog: Insights


How is your organization’s commitment to seeking out and engaging young talent so they want to be a part of your universe? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I am just referring to the outreach practices companies are claiming they do so expertly and routinely — attracting the most talented, the most gifted next generation and bringing innovation and a new way of thinking into the workplace.



The companies that embrace diversity and inclusion value the possibilities of differences, and they integrate diversity at all levels so that experiences prove to be seamless and transparent for young, gifted and diverse. I am speaking of companies that dare to not just value differences but to address them intelligently to make sure that their platform to build their pipeline is a priority.

My goodness, are you hearing a condescending tone in this message? You’re darn spanky you do, because the stats do not support the commitment. I expect companies believe they are building strong pipelines. But just showing up is not enough; conversion to results is the imperative.

DMBA Benchmarking – Inclusive Leadership Index has these insights on trends:

– 97 percent of companies have a diversity recruiting strategy;
– 91 percent intentionally recruit diverse management talent;
– 80 percent of companies have inclusive recruiting strategies targeted at veterans, persons with disabilities and LGBT;
– 85 percent of companies sponsor campus activities and events;
– 25 percent are hired from campus recruiting;
– 90 percent of companies have formal internship programs;
– 30 percent of interns are hired;
– 50 percent of diverse students are hired from both campus recruiting efforts and internships.

Then what gives? What is the problem if companies are doing the activities and going through the motions to find diverse talent?

I suspect not a lot of effort is devoted to nurturing the talent and most of the effort is focused on getting them in and not developing them for readiness…so they just leave. What does readiness look like for your organization? And who is ready? How many are diverse?