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Which Kids Are We Talking About?

Pam’s Blog:  Insights

Pam’s Blog: Insights



So who do you think we most concerned about in today’s workforce? If you answered millennials, you are absolutely right judging by a recent experience.






Millennial behavior was a hot topic at the Workplace & Inclusion Forum at Diversity MBA’s Big Data Forum on Oct. 30 at St. Thomas University. By the way, this forum begins the tour Diversity MBA is hosting in 2015 around the country, facilitating “big data”discussions on how to use data in making talent management decisions. (Visit for full the schedule.)

We were graced at the forum with Nielsen’s hot-off-the-press big data on what millennials are doing today; how this group is making consumer decisions that that reflect how they view the world, and what choices they are making when selecting employers. Angela Talton, Nielsen’s senior vice president and global diversity & inclusion, provided insights not only on consumer behavior among all ethnic groups, but specifically how to use the data in talent acquisition decisions.

For further information on how each consumer group is driving data; click here to view the Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series:–what-lesbian–gay–bisexual-and-tran.html–receptive-and-relevant.html

In my previous blog I shared with you key insights on what companies believe employees believe as it relates to generational engagement. Below is a sneak preview on insights Nielsen shared on millennial behaviors that must be considered in the workplace to support performance enhancement and cultural awareness. Who are the millennials?

  •  The millennial population (ages 18-29) has grown 6 percent in the past two years;
  • Millennials are the most ethnically diverse population at 42 percent minority;
  • 77 percent of millennials have children under age 5;
  • 50 percent of millennials have two or more years of college;
  • 44 percent live in households with median incomes of $50k or higher;
  • 90 percent of millennials have used social media over the past 30 days.

So there you have it. If you want to gauge the most effective way to drive millennial’s performance, you can combine data from consumer behavior and employee engagement surveys to KNOW who millennial’s really are.