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Are Corporate Boards Unconsciously Biased Against Women CEOs?

How do assessments identify the “CEO leadership traits” in women and are the assessments more focused on how those traits are traditionally exhibited in men?

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Observations on Advancement of Women in the Workplace

Even when taking mentoring and skills into account, men had received 72% of promotions compared with 65% of the women.

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Walmart Canada Finds Innovative Approaches to Raising up Women Managers

More than half of [Walmart] Canada’s full-time managers, in the home office and in the field, are women.

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Pam’s Blog:  Insights

Stuck In The Middle

Some thoughts on how and why people of color are not seeing better growth in representation at the management level.

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It is Time to Raise the Bar – and Time for Women Leaders to Step Up

“…if we are not representing the whole population in the board room there will always be a tendency to create business around only a certain group of people and not the population as a whole.”

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50 and Forgotten: How To Find Your Next Job When No One Wants To Hire You by Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane

In order to overcome bias against older professionals, you need to follow a three-step plan. First, prepare counter-arguments against these objections. Second, leverage your age as an asset. Third, revise your job search tactics.

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