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The Transformational Global Leader

The transformative global leader emotionally connects with people from different cultures, builds a network of people of influence and power, nurtures trust, and advocate collaboration. To that end, transformational global leaders around the globe are leading Walmart.

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Intrapreneuring by Deborah Owens

Think of Apple, Google, and GE and what comes to mind? Perhaps, you think of visionary leaders surrounded by smart people who create products and services that consumers demand. What is the greatest competitive advantage for these companies? It’s their people without a doubt.

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Multinationals: Change Is Essential To Survive

US companies are depending more and more on foreign markets for growth. In order to succeed, new and old firms will have to adapt to local conditions and re-think old mindsets.

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Why Innovation Matters for Entrepreneurs by Peter Nguyen

Why Innovation Matters for Entrepreneurs by Peter Nguyen

Every business dreams of leaving a legacy. These days, making it past your first year is tough enough. Many forward thinkers have ideas they hope will change the world, but hardly any will ever see their dreams come true. Hard work and focus is the vehicle that might get you there, but innovation is the […]

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