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Dr. David Jamieson, 2014 Conference Speaker

2014 Conference – Diversity Leadership Session Speakers

Learn about Doug Harris, Sharon Leslie Morgan, Morgan DeWolf & Dr. Jamieson before attending the 2014 Diversity Leadership Conference & Gala.

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Roger Crocket, C-Suite Symposium Speaker

2014 Conference – C-Suite Board Symposium Speakers

Learn more about the speakers in our C-Suite Board Symposium. This invitation-only panel session gives you access to big ideas and real insights from C-Level Execs.

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Women Executive leading a meeting

It is Time to Raise the Bar – and Time for Women Leaders to Step Up

“…if we are not representing the whole population in the board room there will always be a tendency to create business around only a certain group of people and not the population as a whole.”

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10 Habits for A Successful & Satisfying Career

Mark Hopkins shares the common habits of successful and satisfied professionals that he discovered while researching his latest book.

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Defining and Developing Your Company’s Position in the Marketplace

FFor minority-owned businesses, in particular, creating a viable position in the marketplace is critical to economic empowerment.

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from http://curiousjames.wordpress.com/2007/11/17/executive-leadership-styles/

Succeeding in Spite of Your Boss

As an ambitious, career-minded professional, what should you do if you work for someone who stymies your opportunity for success? First, you’ve got to understand the likely reasons for your boss’s behavior. With that understanding in mind, you can more appropriately determine how to protect yourself while moving ahead in your career.

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Achieve Diversity Results with a Whole System Approach

Companies – in many different situations and in many different environments – fail to understand the entire context of a problem. This is especially the case with many diversity efforts.

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