2013 50 OUT FRONT: Best in Class for Accountability


For Immediate Release
June 14, 2013


CHICAGO, IL- Diversity MBA Magazine, a national leadership publication targeting managers, executives in leadership; professionals, students, and the business community; publishes its seventh annual list of “50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership: Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers Ranking – Best in Class Companies for ACCOUNTABILITY.

Diversity MBA Magazine additionally recognizes Best in Class companies that have demonstrated outstanding systems, impact and results in their benchmarking categories of recruitment, representation, board diversity, succession planning, workplace inclusion & retention, and accountability. This release recognizes the Top Ten Companies that have leading practices in the category of ACCOUNTABILITY.

Diversity MBA Magazine is pleased to name the “TOP TEN BEST IN CLASS COMPANIES FOR ACCOUNTABILITY” (in alpha order) include: A.T. Kearney, American Airlines, Accenture, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MI, CSX, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, NJ, Health Care Services Corporation, Kraft Foods, Sprint and Verizon Communications.

CEO commitment is the cornerstone to driving key results to ensure behavior aligns with actions. Diversity MBA measures the category of Accountability by ensuring CEO commitment is evident along with systems and resources. Accountability must be aligned with performance compensation and recognition if any real organizational buy in to change is going to occur. It is prudent to note that all companies do not provide incentives to drive diversity, but the best in class companies recognize it is necessary and rewarding to so.

The top ten best in class companies have multidimensional accountability systems in place to ensure diversity and inclusion is integrated at all levels.

Some interesting Findings based on Diversity MBAs Results include:

  • 95% of 50 Out Front companies have diversity & inclusion as a strategic business objective.
  • 89% of 50 Out Front companies have a formal supplier diversity program.
  • 66% of 50 Out Front companies use two or more methods to measure the effectiveness of diversity efforts.
  • Of the 6 measures of success 96% of 50 Out Front companies use Representation as a key success metric.
  • 82% of 50 Out Front Companies have compensation tied to recognition at the business unit level
  • Top ten best in class companies’ CEOs engage a minimum of 3 of 4 the required activities for CEOs (based on DMBA survey).

CEOs driving workplace performance typically have strong accountability metrics that they expect to be well managed. Pam McElvane, CEO & Publisher, says,” Our Best in Class CEOs in the category of Accountability make courageous decisions every day to trust their leadership teams are driving diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.”

Diversity MBA Magazine will also be recognizing Top Regional Companies, and specialty list including; executive and talent development; employee resource groups; supplier diversity; veterans, disability, LGBT, and the most innovative programs and/or initiatives.