Allstate – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Allstate #17

Northfield Township, IL
31,792 employees
CEO: Thomas J. Wilson
CDE: Michael Escobar

Diversity Mission: As a company with a diverse population of employees, agents and customers, Allstate embraces diversity in everything we do with customers, communities, employees and suppliers. Inclusive diversity, which is one of Allstate’s core values, helps us maximize innovation and creativity. We believe that welcoming differing ideas, cultures and backgrounds drives our success and gives us a competitive advantage in a diverse, global marketplace.

“Workplace diversity is a core part of our values,” Allstate boasts, adding that inclusive diversity is “a core business strategy” and that the company “has a genuine appreciation of unique experiences, abilities and perspectives. . . . Harnessing the power of employees from all walks of life has not only been our business, but also our pleasure.” Business Inclusive Diversity is one of Allstate’s core business values and continues to be a business proposition because the company recognizes that it improves its ability to attract, retain and develop the best and brightest employees and improves its ability to understand customers better and deliver products and services they want. The company also has a system to hold leaders accountable for including diversity/inclusion goals into business objectives.