Diversity MBA Magazine Names 2013 Top 10 Companies for Persons with Disabilities

DiversityMBA Benchmarking
DiversityMBA Benchmarking

CHICAGO, IL- Diversity MBA Magazine, a national leadership publication targeting managers, executives in leadership; professionals, students, and the business community; publishes its seventh annual list of “50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership: Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers Ranking – Top 10 Specialty Ranking for Best Places for Persons with Disabilities to Work.

Diversity MBA Magazine recognizes Top 10 companies for Best Places for Persons with Disabilities to Work.  Diversity MBA is acknowledging companies that implemented systems and practices that support inclusion and awareness of differences.  It requires dedication to ensure all employees are engaged even when it is difficult to track metrics to measure success. This release recognizes the Top Ten Companies that have leading practices in the category of Best Places for Persons with Disabilities to Work.

Diversity MBA Magazine is pleased to name the “Top Ten Best Companies for Persons with Disabilities to Work” (in alpha order) include: CSX, Colgate-Palmolive, Fannie Mae, GE, Health Care Services Corporation, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, NJ, Kraft Foods, McDonalds, Northern Trust & Verizon Communications.

Companies get the value of providing accommodations but have a desire to do more; so Diversity MBA celebrates those companies that drive through the restrictions and implement creative initiatives to encourage awareness and self identification.  Lessons can also be learned from industries that are consumer based with the desire to serve large populations as customers.   These companies as is our top ten; engage the persons with disabilities act as an opportunity and not a road block.

Based on Diversity MBAs Results some interesting findings include:

  • 80% of 50 Out Front companies target Person with Disabilities for Recruitment.
  • 95% of 50 Out Front companies use similar recruiting sources; top two are Disability Hires and Wounded Warriors.
  • 28% of 50 Out Front companies have systems in places to track Persons with Disabilities in their workforce
  • 50% of 50 Out Front companies have Person with Disabilities Employee Resource Groups with Executive Sponsors.
  • Top 10 companies for Persons with Disabilities encourage self identification and have specific initiatives to support engagement.

Creating environments that promote positive attitudes towards differences is the cornerstone of openness for persons with disabilities.  Pam McElvane, CEO & Publisher, says,” there is so much information on how to support persons with disabilities in the workplace; but we often forget to mention the contribution of this population to our society and the significant impact they have on businesses..”

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