Diversity MBA Magazine Names 2013 Top 10 Companies for Veterans

DiversityMBA Benchmarking
DiversityMBA Benchmarking

CHICAGO, IL- Diversity MBA Magazine, a national leadership publication targeting managers, executives in leadership; professionals, students, and the business community; publishes its seventh annual list of “50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership: Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers Ranking – Top 10 Specialty Ranking for Best Places for Veterans to Work.

Diversity MBA Magazine recognizes Top 10 companies for Best Places for Veterans to Work.  Diversity MBA is acknowledging companies that implemented systems and practices that support inclusion and awareness of differences.  It requires dedication to ensure all employees are engaged even when it is difficult to track metrics to measure success. This release recognizes the Top Ten Companies that have leading practices in the category of Best Places for Veterans to Work.

Diversity MBA Magazine is pleased to name the “Top Ten Best Companies for Veterans to Work” (in alpha order) include:  American Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MI, CSX, FED EX,  GE, Intel, Verizon Communications, Wal-Mart Stores, US Army & US Navy.

Today, not only America, but the world’s view is to support our Veterans, those who volunteer to dedicate their lives for a deeper cause, typically beyond the borders for our safety.  It is not only good practice, but in some cases essential for companies to reengage Veterans in the workforce and then, ensure they are included to encourage the continued development of their talents.  Many companies have created partnerships and programs to develop and recruit veterans.  Sustainable environments are further nurtured with strong employee resource groups.

Based on Diversity MBAs Results some interesting findings include:

  • 85% of 50 Out Front companies target Veterans for Recruitment.
  • 95% of 50 Out Front companies use similar recruiting sources; top two are Hire Our Hero’s and Wounded Warriors.
  • 32% of 50 Out Front companies have systems in places to track Veterans in their workforce
  • 53% of 50 Out Front companies have Veteran Employee Resource Groups with Executive Sponsors.
  • Top 10 companies for Veterans encourage self identification of Veteran status and have specific initiatives to support Veteran engagement.

Engaging veterans in the workplace is a practice that some companies have enjoyed for decades; this practice is quickly becoming widespread.  Pam McElvane, CEO & Publisher, says,” With more than 6 million Veterans it is absolutely a business imperative for every company to become strategic about this workforce.