Health Care Service Corporation – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Health Care Service Corporation #11
Chicago, IL
16,110 employees
CEO: Patricia A. Hemingway Hall
CDO: Carolyn Clift

Diversity Mission: At HCSC, diversity and inclusion are embedded in every part of our business. We demonstrate our commitment to diversity in how we serve our customers, engage our employees, connect with the communities in which we operate and partner with suppliers and other key stakeholders. We value and practice inclusion and promote cultural competence among our workforce and partners. Because we are a more diverse health care company, we can better understand the consumers we serve.

HCSC is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion as part of its strategic imperatives. Its commitments include: Having a female CEO; having an African-American chairman of the board; establishing goals for senior leaders and vice presidents; providing mandatory employee training to build a culturally competent workforce; working with human resources on employee retention and diversity recruiting efforts; leading an internal Health Care Disparities Steering Committee; maintaining purchasing from diverse vendors.