Hitachi Data Systems – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Hitachi Data Systems #40

Santa Clara, CA
5,900 employees
CEO: Jack Domme
CDO: Nancy Long

Diversity Mission: A diverse workforce creates a richer work environment, complete with better thinking, creative solutions, and teamwork that span culture, time zones, gender, and areas of expertise. We are committed to a diverse workforce leveraging the best every employee has to offer.

Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Data Systems’ parent company, began its Diversity and Inclusion Development Project in 2006. This program includes helping employees balance work with child care or nursing care and promoting women in the workplace. Hitachi Data Systems has a diverse set of suppliers, which includes owners of small businesses and businesses with minority, women or disabled owners. The company’s Supplier Diversity Program offers business opportunities for diverse businesses and ensures that they have fair access to bid and contract opportunities.