Kraft Foods Group – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Kraft Foods Group #12

Northfield, IL
20,140 employees
CEO: W. Anthony (Tony) Vernon
CDE: James E. Norman

Diversity Mission: Kraft Foods has a simple concept for diversity: openness and inclusiveness. The company successfully creates great work experiences for its employees and business partners. As the company implements a new corporate strategy, diversity plays a key role. By reflecting the face of consumers in its employees and leadership, Kraft Foods Group relies on a variety of perspectives to see first-hand how the company can better meet consumer needs with innovative and delicious foods.

Kraft drives its diversity strategy through various trainings that are offered to all employees (Power of Differences; Jumpstart for Success; Efficacy for Women, People of Color, Men of LGBT), engaging and leveraging its 10 employee resource groups, and through holding executives and leaders throughout the organization accountable for diversity results. It is important to Kraft that their workforce reflects the face of consumers and especially in its leaders. The company requires diversity and inclusion training for every employee to ensure that not only awareness about differences, but that inclusive behavior is prevalent throughout the entire organization.