Pfizer- 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Pfizer #30

New York, NY
91,500 employees
CEO: Ian Read
CDE: Beth McCormick

Diversity Mission:Diversity and inclusion are core values of Pfizer, and we place a high value on inclusive behaviors and respect for individuals, communities and cultures. We recognize that good ideas come from all sources. The willingness to encourage diversity of thinking sharpens both planning and performance. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion helps all our colleagues connect their special skills, knowledge and life experiences with stakeholders within and outside our company.

Pfizer’s aim in fostering diversity and inclusion is to encourage people with different ideas, approaches, ways of thinking, and unique backgrounds, ideologies, cultures and life experiences to bring their energy, enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to help the company improve world health. The company strives to create an environment where all professionals are valued, involved, supported and respected. Employees work on interdisciplinary, diverse and inclusive teams where unique ideas, perspectives and background are expected to play a vital role improving the lives of millions. “At Pfizer, we believe our greatest strength is our ability to leverage the different ideas, talents, perspectives, and cultures of our people,” their submission stated. “Together, their unique view of the world benefits the health and quality of life of people everywhere.”