Sony Electronics – 2013 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership


Sony Electronics #34

Tokyo, Japan
146,300 employees
CEO: Kazuo Hirai
CDE: Catherine Wozney

Diversity Mission: At Sony, we believe diversity drives our success as a global company. Our diverse workforce allows us to innovate and create products and services that reflect our consumers around the world. By fostering a wider range of viewpoints, we are able to work together to build the best company possible. Sony aims to partner with key stakeholders that allow us to leverage our brand and further our connections with diverse employees, customers and suppliers.

At Sony, employee networks are designed to foster greater diversity within the company. Each network encourages professional development, career training and improved teamwork across department and work groups. Women of Action, Vision and Empowerment (WAVE); Sony Employees of the African Diaspora (SEAD); GEN SONY; Sony Asian Network Group (SANG); CORE Hispanic Sony Professional Alliance (CHiSPA). Sony provides learning opportunities for employees to increase their level of awareness and develop the cross-cultural skills of our workforce. Whether working with diverse employees and partners in the United States or with multinational colleagues, Sony’s training is designed to increase the diversity and inclusion competencies of employees, managers and executives.