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UPMC’s Diversity and Inclusion Agenda is spearheaded by its Center for Engagement and Inclusion (CFEI) and is centered on the organization’s core value of dignity and respect. “As one of the country’s largest academic medical centers, improving the health and health status of the communities we serve is at the core of our mission.” said James E. Taylor, Ph.D., chief diversity, inclusion, and talent management officer at UPMC. “And for all of us, the multicultural dimensions of these communities are undeniable. We recognize that talent and ability are not limited, but enhanced by the diversity and cultural expertise that our employees bring to the workplace.”

UPMC employees represent everyone. And they serve a public that is equally diverse.

“We are a leading health care system because we value the perspectives of each member of our diverse team,” said John Galley, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at UPMC. “Our employees feel confident because they are included, respected, and treated equally. Our team members are encouraged and allowed to share their perspectives and ideas but most importantly, they are heard. UPMC’s leaders are committed to diversity and inclusion, which is critical in driving innovation and attaining strong results.”

Inclusion empowers UPMC to be a thought leader in transforming the economy of the region — creating new jobs, new businesses, and new models for health care delivery and community support.

“UPMC’s diverse workforce is the engine that delivers world-class clinical and research breakthroughs for the regions that we serve,” added Galley. “The diversity of our workforce also has a profound impact on our ability to provide compassionate care to patients. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and know they are in an environment that recognizes their individuality. Our strong and ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the heart of everything that makes UPMC great.”

“Diversity is how we achieve our mission and grow our business,” Taylor said. This philosophy is inherent within UPMC’s Diversity and Inclusion Agenda, the organizational framework designed to further embed diversity and inclusion into UPMC’s core business as a central strategy for competitive advantage. Within each component of the Diversity and Inclusion Agenda, there are significant strategies that will drive UPMC forward, allowing UPMC to focus on employees, patients, community, and culture.

The diversity and inclusion infrastructure at UPMC is comprised of a robust staff devoted to advancing the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Agenda. Diversity Directors, Employee Resource Groups, a Committee of the Board of Directors dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion, and a full diversity and inclusion staff comprise the core infrastructure that supports the implementation of UPMC’s diversity strategy.

As UPMC continues to grow and enter markets where it is not as well known, those partner hospitals will need strong leadership and a diverse talent workforce. It will be important to establish a culture early on that reinforces what UPMC already knows – diversity and inclusion are a differentiator for UPMC that allows their system to thrive. That is why UPMC will be intentional in ongoing efforts to increase the capability to deliver culturally competent care to patients and members, recognizing that care needs may differ for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

“When people all over the world think of UPMC, I want them to think of diversity excellence,” said Taylor. “Of course, UPMC is known for ‘Life Changing Medicine,’ and national recognition for our diversity and inclusion efforts is a milestone that we honor and value.”