DMBA Introduces BID Talks


Together Towards Tomorrow is the Diversity MBA 2018 National Conference theme. I wanted to share my thoughts on why this phrase resonated with my heart and soul. Imagine if all of the groups supporting diversity and inclusion came together with same agenda, moving in the same direction overflowing with a shared vision…the possibilities…oh the possibilities. In an emotional sort of way, this theme represents the core of what I believe. Simply put, divesity mba blends celebration, education and development of everyone.

DMBA recognizes the 50 Out Front Companies for diversity leadership and we recognize the Top 100 emerging and executive leaders who have not only achieved excellence in the workplace but value servitude and education. We are committed to celebrating all dimensions of diversity which includes everyone, as this is our intention for the celebration and the work we do. Connecting leaders, recognizing achievement and fostering change is our goal for this year’s experience and my life’s work.

My vision has always been to bring business leaders together in a format that allows them to express how inclusive diversity is a part of who we they are; and what they do in their everyday lives. This conference is really about how we bridge any gaps that exists between business and inclusion & diversity. The solutions are  how do we get to the point where we can mitigate the business case and get back to the intention of the theme?

So in my effort to remain creative, Diversity MBA introduces the BID TALKS– Business with Inclusive Diversity Talks. We are not just changing the format and platform of how we deliver our conference. We are introducing a TED TALK style to our conference. We are boldly suggesting that when we bring groups together we want them to step out of their comfort zone; and not just hear the message, but to understand issues and respond in a collaborative, creative way that drives change. We are encouraging conflict and disagreement. We know tension leveraged against creative energy drives innovation; and sometime sprouts genius.

On day two we blend leadership development sessions with inclusive diversity sessions. The experts are game changing executives that are committed to continuous learning and are master facilitators. We have invited doctorate level educators along with celebrated authors and seasoned practitioners to deliver our program. The sessions are designed to be a catalyst for new ideas, best practices, and next practices . Our goal is for participants to think about new ways of learning and engagement.

I invite you to come out and join us. See more details on our website: I am inviting the first 25 persons that respond to this blog to my email at; (50 percent discount on the full registration).