Knowing Your Why: Getting Centered & Setting Goals by Pamela McElvane

Knowing Your Why?

By Pam McElvane, Author & CEO Diversity MBA Media

As I reflect on the past couple of years, the unknown for what’s next is real. I had a concern for the state of liberty and freedom of safety within our communities, and I felt uneasy about the safety and care of people I knew and people I do not know. The pandemic is still hovering over us and will be here for a long time. The politicizing of basic human dignity and the care needed to keep us safe, is something I wish was behind us, but not so much.

The truth is there is so much to be grateful for in today’s constantly changing environment. While loss is in so many dimensions, reflected both personally and professionally for each one of us, grace is our ability to hope and look forward to the future. As I contemplate the new year, 2022 is the year of great change and opportunity for impact and influence.  That is why there is integrity in purpose and intent in knowing ‘Why’ you make the choices you do.

For me, knowing your Why is about understanding your intention of what and how you achieve your goals. Remember, goals need to be specific and measurable with accountability and consequences defined. Did you know 85 percent of people make some type of new year resolution, but only 36 percent achieve a part of their planned goal. People fail because their goals are not specific enough.

Knowing your Why is clarity in your purpose. And then, establishing how you get there is the action you take with your support group to keep accountability on point. All I wanted to do in this message is to provide a different approach of how you think about the possibilities of achieving whatever goals your heart desires.

For more insights on goal setting in the new normal read project bold life by ed kopko.

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