Ask Pam Creative-newCongratulations….we made it to another glorious year of life. When I think back on all of my experiences. I can honestly say to you that I have no regrets. Do not misunderstand: I have made mistakes but I have learned from them; I have been faced with some of the most daunting challenges but I have overcome them; I have been ridiculed and chastised but I have embraced the perception; I have dreamed and I marvel at the possibility. You see, every day of my life I see, feel and smell the miracles God has given me. 

Birthing and rearing children are the daily miracles God has given us and I am truly blessed with no regrets about having children. Even more so, I am a God-fearing woman and, through it all, I have been surrounded by the armour of God and the power of his glory. It is my destiny and legacy to touch those who pass through my life and hope they are a bit better for knowing me. I do get that I might not have done it right and someone might not be better for knowing me; I just hope they also have no regrets and find the lesson in whatever our connection was.

Looking back on the past year, it was a tough year, a year filled with lessons and new experiences and unfortunately way too much tragedy. Some of the sadness in the world has been overwhelming. Often, I was numb watching and visualizing the greatest loss mothers endured with the tragic demise of their children.  I was also overcome with the reality that racism is breeding on a massive scale. So we must go deep and find the solace to self-heal and to treat each new experience like our first experience. Give people the benefit of the doubt, no judgments, no bias, no stereotypes. Take care of the little things and see how far that gets you.

At the core, no regrets mean to take what you have learned and exponentially expand upon it in 2017. For example, I found it in my heart to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made that might have appeared indifferent to others.

My lesson learned is to be accountable and absolutely sure that I build upon the experience so the next opportunity allows me to create a positive, viral effect. In 2017, I decided I want to work on perfecting the next habit, to “stay a humble servant to others.” Start doing what is necessary and do what is possible, then suddenly you are doing the impossible.

What small, specific step can you take today to have no regrets?