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After many conversations with hundreds of diversity and talent professionals on the difficulty of finding and retaining diverse talent; Diversity MBA decided to take a deeper dive to understand why companies could not find the talent they so badly desired to have. For the past three years, we collected data to gain insights on what companies are doing to source, develop and retain talent.

We asked more than 50 plus questions in the recruiting section. We wanted to understand who’s doing the recruiting; what’s the recruiting budget? if there’s a diversity budget; what is the gender mix of recruiters, age, and experience. We wanted to understand the strategies for targeted recruiting, oh shucks, we just wanted to know the plans for all talent acquisition. The big question for us was is talent acquisition strategy aligned with diversity and inclusion strategy. Yep, we wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly. And by God, we got it. Not just some of it but a tremendous amount of information to help us validate the issues. You may ask…is there a book in this…the answer is yes. First, we want to just get the information out, so companies can validate what they do well and learn what they can do better.

Diversity MBA launched in 2017 diversity recruitment boot camp to support recruiters and hiring managers in both developing strategies to improve their hiring results and to expand their knowledge by providing real-time insights to support their decision making. It was so successful that in 2018 we have designed a series of trainings that will be delivered in multiple markets around the country. We gather professionals together to engage in interactive learning and sharing of best practices.

Below are the locations of the Diversity Recruiting Boot Camps. I encourage you to join us if we are in your area. The following are some of the training modules included in the series of training:

  • Understanding the recruiting landscape: Best Practice Trends
  • Uncovering Bias in Talent Acquisition
  • Understanding the Behavior in Bias: Learn positive habits
  • Next Practices in advancing and retaining diverse talents
  • Best Practice Trends in Developing Diverse Slates
  • Case Studies: Leveraging Internal Resources for enhancing Recruiting
  • Technology Tools to advance recruiting strategies
  • Learn how Talent Acquisition and Diversity Strategy Aligns

Boot Camps are being held: May 14, Charlotte, North Carolina; May 17, Atlanta, Georgia and; May 30, Kansas City, Kansas. Follow up with Erika@diversitymbamagazine.com for more information.

Who should attend? Anyone that has hiring responsibilities and/or leads a team.