Breaking Barriers: Lean into Inclusion

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Pam's Author TagBreaking Barriers: Lean into Inclusion is the Diversity MBA 2019 National Business Leaders Conference theme. We thought it was timely to have a theme focused on what leaders are doing to lean into inclusive behaviors,while simultaneously breaking down barriers and obstacles in personal and business settings.  Companies are dealing with societal issues that overflow into the workplace, increasing employees’ anxiety and fear of how much of their own feelings can be exposed.

Breaking Barriers is undergirded by the idea that people must come together to gain the strength required to support each other’s dreams and daily struggles because we need the strength that each of us channels. Breaking barriers also means to me that each of us feels safe so together,  we have defeat what is not good for the whole. Fundamentally, every one of us has overcome some type of obstacle and/or barrier that drives us to become our greatest self.

Lean into Inclusion references leaders who have influence and power. Leaders are unselfish and have the best interests of others as their priority. Those of us who have a leadership platform must be authentic, at any cost to our reputations.  Surprisingly, that authenticity only heightens our reputation as inclusive leaders.

So how do we all gain this sense of awareness? Dive into self-awareness and own your biases and identify ways to engage with the belief that the other party will embrace your truth and lean in with you.

DMBA recognizes the 50 Out Front Companies for diversity leadership and we recognize the Top 100 emerging and executive leaders who have not only achieved excellence in the workplace but also value servitude and education. Connecting leaders, recognizing achievement and fostering change is our goal for this years’ experience and my life’s work.  My vision has always been to bring business leaders together in a format that allows them to express how inclusive diversity is as a part of who we they are and what we do daily.

Last year we introduced the BID TALKS – Business with Inclusive Diversity Talks. We changed the format and platform of how we interact in sessions. The feedback was exceptional.

This year we bring you UNPLUGGED REAL-TALK PLENARY’S sponsored and facilitated by corporate and industry experts. We will host five concurrent plenary’s that include African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, White American and Identity (inclusive of persons with disabilities, veterans and LGBTQ Plus Pronoun). The purpose of these plenary’s allows heterogeneous groups to come together and seek ways to approach difficult conversations, ignite creative solutions and learn best practices from each other.  We anticipate these sessions will be energized and motivating.

We to invite you to come out and join the conversation.  Visit our website for more details:

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