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Count me in because of my ability
not because you can dis me;
Count me in for my identity
not for my intersectionality;
Count me in for my service in the military
and not where you think I should be;
Just count me in, in-spite of diversity.

I am the largest minority, yet you seem to forget about me,
I transcend generations and ethnicities.
Why don’t I have influence and power
when I consume more than anyone by the hour.
Go ahead and pass the buck;
leave us out if you want to…uh good luck.

Count me in so I can take what claims me,
I know I am more than my disability;
I am called the hidden gem, not by me, but by them.
I might be born with a flaw,
I have all the courage so don’t be in awe.
Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t;
I’m not violent just humbly silent, and now
I’ll take the chance to lead this dance.

Count me in not because I serve to save you;
It’s what I was called to do.
Being a Vet is great, until at one point in life it’s too late.
When duty is done, and the battle is won;
I ‘m called back in; and I am not the same way
let’s be clear I am not a stray.
I transcend more than you can see,
if it were not for me, you could not be.
I bring new ways and philosophy.
All I want now is to have a goal
to contribute in this world and stay whole.

Count me in because I bring more diversity
claiming different communities.
Defining me is not the goal
empathy and understanding are what makes me whole.
First it was gay and now it’s he, she and they.
We evolved to be more than identity
we are the essence of diversity.
With all due respect, you question legitimacy,
You don’t get to define that part of me.
The view from here is amazingly free,
be open to explore more than you see.

Count me in…’s a Win Win.

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Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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