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Valbona Shameti

Human Resources & Engagement Coordinator

Diversity MBA Media


It’s no surprise that sweatpants and hoodies have taken over as our new workwear. So many people have been working from home since the start of the pandemic and will continue to work from home, which means that we want to be as comfy as possible while working.

Now, this isn’t something that most people think about, but the clothes we wear affect our mood and productivity. Ever heard of the saying “look good, feel good?” That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The “bummier” people dress, the less motivated they feel to work, and the more compelled they feel to relax, especially if they’re rolling out of bed and “going to work” in their pajamas. While it’s important to be comfortable while working, you also want to feel good. Looking rough and disheveled will have you feeling the same way and not motivate you to work. A great way to be comfortable but also feel and look good while working from home is to wear an outfit that is a matching set. For example, ladies can wear a matching shorts/sweatpants and sweater set and throw on some jewelry for a more done up streetwear look. You’ll be comfortable and at the same time you will stop and look at yourself in the mirror every time you pass one, because you’ll feel good about your fit. Bright colored tops, anything with soft fabric, and some jewelry can also do the trick. Men can do the same- they can wear brighter colored polos or dryfit shirts and some comfy and stylish sweat shorts.

It’s so important that people feel comfortable in the clothes that they wear when they’re working, but getting too comfortable (and yes that’s a thing), mixed with working from your bed or the couch, can cause productivity levels to decrease. And it can be common for people who constantly work from home to feel stressed or like they can’t differentiate between work and home life since their homes become their offices, which can then take a toll on your mental health- hence, why it’s important to start with the little things, like your clothes. If you feel put together and are motivated to get your work done, that is one less thing you are going to have to stress about, and one more thing that can boost your mood.

It’s extremely important, especially during this pandemic time, that we put the least amount of stress possible on ourselves, since we’re already in a pretty stressful situation. Most people’s mental health has very easily been affected since the start of the pandemic, and not feeling good about yourself or being unmotivated worsens it. People are their own worst critics, so when we feel like we don’t look our best, it triggers a lack of motivation to do things, which then causes us to be upset with ourselves. We go off thinking that there was more we should’ve done throughout the day or we knew that we were capable of getting so much more completed.  When this happens, we are beating ourselves up even more and creating more negative energy and stress than we had when we first started our day. And the cycle will only continue, because for most people it can be challenging to switch from a negative headspace to a positive one when they’ve been having negative thoughts most of the day. This is why it’s crucial to consider these small things when it comes to your mental health. Clothes are something so minor when it comes to our happiness or wellbeing, but if we can start off our day jumping into an outfit that we feel good in, that motivates and empowers us, then we have one less thing on our plate that can add stress to our already hectic lives. The little things add up, so don’t forget to take them into consideration.

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