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by Pam McElvane

recruit me, salute me
but don’t reject me
for my diversity.

there’s a talent gap so don’t call it a wrap.
talent act says
rework it, rethink it, reskill it;
I say rewill it.
most recruiting teams look alike,
and feel safe with the hires they make.
not blaming you for this reality
just saying,
you have a diversity responsibility.

who’s gonna hire me the military?
who claims, “be all you can be”
what if that’s not the plan for me?
who’s gonna hire me, if I don’t have it all;
not the big boys, they won’t risk the fall.
recruit me, not for the skin I’m in
but for my talent and to WIN.

recruit me in the places, you’re afraid to look;
you may not see me, I lie in the books.
recruit me in the between the cracks of doors,
and behind walls, you’ll find the talent
beyond your call.

recruit me in the land of the free,
no need to go abroad to satisfy diversity.
I may not have the apparent steam
to buy the dream,
I have skills and fire to sustain
long lasting desire.
recruit me by using your resources responsibly,
and don’t let AI choose for me.
engage your partners in truth and pain
so together you can really gain.

recruit me I have all of the pedigree.
degrees that range from BA to PhD.
somehow it’s not good enough for you,
please what more must I do.

recruit me and don’t cage my age,
it’s not the setting of this stage.
boomers fought the corporate track,
be careful GenZ’s will take it back.

recruit me from the places that produce me.
Asian, Hispanic and HBCU’s
these are not the only schools.
if you want me to fit in
then show up when I am ten.
create the space for me to compete with them
and don’t leave it all to stem.

recruit me and close the gap.

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Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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