The me I see

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Who is diversity? if not me, if not you, then who?
I am comfortable in the skin I’m in,
so why must I defend
the place where my journey began?

The me I see comes from Africa, Cuba, Mexico
to name a few,
our descendants from Europe have
a cultural claim too.
Immigrants are what made America true,
just stop the discrimination and own that part of you.

The me I see is a rainbow world closing in,
open blinds to let all color in.
Children do not see black or white
until someone claims one is wrong and the other’s right.

The me I see is a diverse world, and that’s a fact,
no regrets for what’s intact.
If inclusion means belong, then
“why can’t we all get along.”

The me I see includes you too,
and my value is defined by me, not you.
The trust effect is blended with culture and respect,
then drive the diversity wheel to accept.

The me I see is diversity…..
My eyes are blue, black, brown and green,
My hair is blonde, red, blue and grey with sheen.
My legs are lengthy, short, thick and lean,
My lips thin, burley and serene.

My waist little, long, wide and narrow,
My neck sometimes cocks like a sparrow.
My face is boxey, oblong and surround,
My body has places imperfect all around.

The world we live in is not a dream,
it’s the reality of accepting
what could be, that’s
the me I see.

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Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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