When America is Learning?

I like America when she is learning as she yearns to know more.
She shows a side of caring if only for a time.
I remember when nothing mattered,
she only wanted to be known for something great.
I remember when it was safe to go out and play
and be hugged and kissed every day, AND
passing germs did not make us go away.

When America learns politics is always in the forefront,
no matter the issue of the hour,
the leader of the free world makes decisions
that affect the lives of every soul
with consequences that will sour.

What happens when America is learning?
The acceptable losses are color blind,
yet black, brown, and yellow diminishes in the fray.
We are in it altogether they say, not really.
The inequities are here to stay.

And then these thoughts and feelings slowly fade away
and only a cool breeze passes through with the crisp,
ripe air refreshing the senses.
I believe there is a higher power and
its calling us to attention,
to take notice of the thousand little things we ignore.

Why? Do you say must we suffer such a fate
as COVID19’s expression of fear has left us trembling and awake.
We have science to depend – finding the answers along the way,
be careful of false prophecy that can make progress go astray.
Believers say stayed prayed up as every soul shall have its day.
Oh, merciful God of the worlds, this is not right; this is not natural.

I like America when she learns, after the impact, the children will play,
people will be remembered, and life will go on.

Picture of Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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