White Privilege

In this world of diversity
White privilege means so much more to me.
In view of the rite of passage to legacy,
my forefathers shattered the chains
of inclusion in the face of liberty.

5 generations in the workplace today
only means we can no longer delay.
The inevitable evolution of privilege among all,
let’s be clear, people of color won’t take that fall.

Don’t be mad because I was born White
and don’t be confused cause you not always right.
Born Black- Brown- Yellow or In-between
does not give you privilege to be mean.

We blame each other for the color of our skin,
letting the notion of white privilege block us in.
Can the evolution of privilege keep its place?
It’s just one thorn in this diversity race.

Our white brothers and sisters were taught
to thrive from infancy until old and wise.
Legacy and wealth are part of their DNA;
so why should access go away?
We only want to be able
to have a seat at the table.

People of color have stories to tell
we teach our children that lying open gates to hell.
Privilege is not your own,
absorb the access your parents dethroned.
It’s a thing that came with a price,
It’s your destiny to achieve greatness without sacrifice.

Inclusion is a place for all
to feel empowered to build a great wall.
Influence is sheltered by a few;
But the new generation says if not me,

Can we have a rainbow view?
Can the notion of privilege be shared by all?

Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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