Book Review: Jossey-Bass Handbook Of Nonprofit Leadership And Management

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Many management concepts and practices apply universally, but nonprofit organizations have many unique aspects that make administration and direction of them different. A few books, most notably Peter Drucker’s Managing the Non-Profit Organization (1990), have considered this. Now Herman, who teaches nonprofit management at the graduate level at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, and publisher Jossey-Bass have brought together 28 experts in the fields of nonprofits and management to give us the Jossey-Bass Handbook Of Nonprofit Leadership And Management, an encyclopedic look at what is sometimes called the third sector. Divided into five major sections — the nature of nonprofit organizations and their context in society, leadership issues, management of operations, development and management of financial resources, and managing people — it addresses such issues as fund-raising, managing volunteers, lobbying, ethics, and government contracts. The Handbook could well become a standard reference work.

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