CEO Transforms NYC’s Buildings & Cultural Centers From the Inside Out


Transforming New York from the inside out with his designs built inside MoMA, Columbia University, New York Athletic Club, WeWork, Time Warner and dozens more across the city, we would love to schedule an interview with you and CEO Travis Hollman who is designing and building locker rooms and work spaces of the future. His elite roster of clients extends across the country, including 24 professional sports teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Saints, art & cultural centers and tech giants Facebook, Amazon and Google. Travis Hollman transforms how people think about their personal belongings and the spaces they occupy, and he is available to discuss how he transformed a financially struggling company in the post-recession economy to become the world’s #1 industry leader for luxury locker solutions, making Hollman Inc. synonymous with cutting-edge design, groundbreaking technology, and the world’s most Instagrammed locker.

Is it art, or is it a locker? With more than 6 million high-end lockers produced out of a 310K square foot campus in Irving, Texas, Hollman serves high-profile clientele across a myriad of sectors and is anticipating $72 million in profits this year alone as the leading manufacturer of luxury lockers.

Hollman, Inc. is constantly developing new systems for function, form, and space. Through an unwavering commitment to forward-thinking design and investments in new technology, Hollman is transforming the modern workplace as it is facilitating and devising savvy storage solutions for the world’s top companies to accommodate a dynamic, workforce through desk-sharing and open floor-plans.

Hollman has created custom locker room spaces for the most illustrious professional NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL franchises and renowned college programs in the country, including the New Orleans Saints, Atanta Falcons, Notre Dame Football, Ohio State University Football, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Chicago Cubs.   Hollman, Inc. is also the chosen locker purveyor for 45 of the top 100 companies in the US. Big name corporate clients include Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Nike, Coca Cola, and Apple. Hollman, Inc. also supplies large-scale elite boutique fitness brands at multiple locations nationwide, including Equinox, SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Pure Barre.

At its core, Hollman, Inc. is a purpose-driven company. In asking himself what is going to change the lives of his employees, Travis founded Hollman H.E.L.P.S (Hollman Education and Learning Program with DCCCD), a groundbreaking philanthropic initiative that sends employees and their families to college, completely free of charge. The program is not only transforming company culture, but more importantly, is also giving Hollman employees and their families the unlimited potential to succeed. Travis founded the program on the principle that college offers the opportunity for students to constantly learn and better themselves. Travis is currently applying this principle to his own life as he is currently completing his MBA at Harvard Business School on top of running Hollman, Inc. Travis lives in Dallas with his wife Stephanie Hollman, a fan favorite on BRAVO’s “Real Housewives of Dallas,” and their two children.