Top 10 Things Students Should Know When Interviewing


Almost every Fortune 500 company wants to be considered the employer of choice. And, actually, when these companies make a job offer, many of them expect you to want to work for them just because of their brand name.

Well, I want to share a few secrets you should know during the interview process just to make sure that, if you do accept the offer, you can be more than satisfied after accepting the job and ensuring sustainability in your career choice.

Based on Diversity MBA’s inclusive leadership index here are the Top 10 things you should know about the company, its culture and its people before you say yes…

1. Ask the recruiter if she is required to take both cultural competency training and unconscious bias training.

2. Understand what types of employee engagement programs exist in the company.

3. Ask if the company benchmarks against other competitors and, if so, what is its perceived value?

4. Understand how many women and people of color sit on the corporate board and in the C-Suite.

5. Ask how the CEO engages in diversity and inclusion.

6. Understand the toughest challenges they experience, hiring diverse talent and how they overcome barriers.

7. Ask the recruiter what kind of influence she has among the hiring team outside of Human Resources.

8. Ask the recruiter what would it take for you to be successful in the company.

9. Understand how the company celebrates differences.

10. Ask the recruiter if and when you can have a coach and/or mentor.

Now, you can negotiate a package that includes compensation, benefits, advancement and culture.

Whether you ask all questions on this list, of course, depends on the circumstances and your comfort with asking them. But the idea is for you to know the different types of questions to think about before you accept any position. Also with today’s access to information, you can get answers before you sit down with any potential employer.

Pam McElvane is CEO and publisher of Diversity MBA Magazine.