Jesmane Boggenpoel | My Blood Divides and Unites


Ask South African author, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, Jesmane Boggenpoel, about living under apartheid, and she’ll tell you apartheid wasn’t just political systemic racial segregation. At its core, it was a period during which as a South African Coloured woman she felt countless internal contradictions and conflict. She felt immense bouts of shame and incredible self-doubt. Such feelings can be extrapolated to all groups who were oppressed under apartheid and that has affected how people come together for change. Although apartheid ended in the early 1990s, the feelings left behind in its wake still exist, compelling Jesmane Boggenpoel to author, My Blood Divides and Unites.

Boggenpoel is a first-generation professional raised in South Africa’s Johannesburg Township of Westbury notorious for gangsterism and drugs. Growing up in the Coloured community of South Africa, Boggenpoel understands the struggles of race and poverty. Her inspiration for her new book is three-fold.

  • First, she wants to use her story and others’ stories to empower those living in marginalized communities to create positive change in themselves and others.
  • Second, Boggenpoel wants to tell the story of Apartheid as it impacted the Coloured community to an international audience because so much is still not understood about the Coloured community, in particular in this volatile time in South Africa’s history.
  • Third, we’re at a time where globally the racial divide is greater than ever and her story that brings in the stories of others from around the world provides a message to all on racial reconciliation.

Editor’s note: I’ve attached an the introduction to the book.To request an interview, copy or an excerpt from any of the chapters outlined below, please reach out to me directly


Table of Content:


  • Chapter One – I Am . . . What?
  • Chapter Two – Choices & Walls
  • Chapter Three – I Finally Forgave My Father
  • Chapter Four – Lingering Emotions
  • Chapter Five – Bridging for Authentic Connection
  • Chapter Six – Transforming Pain to Healing


  • Chapter Seven – Pain Is a Global Issue
  • Chapter Eight – Different Paths to Reconciliation
  • Chapter Nine – Fear of Lack & Desire to Dominate
  • Chapter Ten – Reframing to Rediscover Hope
  • Chapter Eleven – Stories & Inspirational Leadership

About the author: Jesmane Boggenpoel has over 16 years of business experience working in private equity, investments, and entrepreneurial pursuits. In 2012, she completed the Mid- Career Master’s in public administration at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and serves on the board of Harvard Alumni South Africa.
When Boggenpoel isn’t writing or pursuing business opportunities, she enjoys cross-fit, hiking, traveling to new exotic locations, reading, visiting art galleries and living a healthy lifestyle