The Growth of Women Directors


Milwaukee Women inc (MWi), a Milwaukee-based nonprofit dedicated to achieving balanced representation of women on boards of directors to maximize the performance of Wisconsin businesses, today announced the release of its 15th annual research report.

Titled the “Power of 3,” this year’s report highlights companies with three more female directors as well as three or more women executives. The Power of 3 theme is based on research from Catalyst that notes companies with three or more women directors outperform those with low representation. The report

  • found continued growth of women holding director seats on the boards of the WI 50 for the fifth consecutive year (reaching 18.9%)
  • expanded to include findings on the percentage of female executive in the WI 50; 30% of the WI 50 have three or more women executives

Please find more information in the release copied below. If you’re interested, Lindsay Hammerer, chair of Milwaukee Women inc and partner at KPMG, is available to discuss this year’s research.

Also, please note, MWi recently launched a new logo and website to reflect its mission to advance inclusive leadership.