Tips and Tricks on Hacking Global Human Resources

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Emilia Linardakis
Managing Partner
Language Advisors Network Group

Tips and Tricks to Hack Global HR

As companies become more global, human resource professionals face challenges that involve complex processes in recruiting, and retaining the RIGHT global talent.  Building and sustaining strong global talent pipeline is one the biggest challenges that multicultural corporations face.  Global staffing management for MNCs requires a flexible mindset towards cultural differences.  Human resource professionals need to put strong strategies in place to motivate, influence, enable, and develop all employees.  So, how does the thought process need to be adjusted when recruiting and hiring across borders?

  1. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others! Your recruitment and hiring strategy should be just as unique as your organization.  Mirroring what others are doing does not add value to your plan.  Understanding your organization’s SWOT is extremely important.  Ask yourself: What is my organization trying to achieve?
  2. Be Intentional! The process of global talent acquisition can be extremely complicated and its multidimensional components require human resource professionals to be intentional and have a strategy that uncovers qualified talent.  Being intentional during this process means that one has to be aware of ‘bad hires’ just as aware of good talent.  HR professionals should have the intent to learn from exit interviews and refine processes for future ‘better-fit’ hiring.
  3. All Aboard! Capitalizing on new opportunities and succeeding in the global marketplace requires a strong alignment of talent management with the leadership team and overall business goals. Many executives and business leaders focus simply on basic talent management practices.  Leadership buy-in in mobility is critical and impacts business results.  Having the C-Level Suite support training and development programs for assignees and their families creates a sense of permanence (especially for temporary assignments) and proves that the return on the investment is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.
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