Living a Rich Life


In society today there is a definite stigma about people who have financial difficulties. The repercussions of this stigma can cause feelings of failure, helplessness, embarrassment and not knowing where to turn.

Some suffer and worry in private while trying to figure out how to resolve the situation. Others try to avoid and deny it by not opening bills or even hiding them.

Money is just an energy we exchange for our wants and needs. It’s quite sad that life seems to be mostly about wanting and no amount of things ever is enough: “If I have that new TV or new car, I will be happy, I will feel better, I will feel accepted and fit in.” Then, when we don’t have the cash, we put it on the plastic. Ask yourself: “How long did that rush from spending last before I felt a sinking feeling of being in debt or more debt?” This is totally learned behavior we have taken on from the “wants” of society. That’s not saying we can’t have new things and buy what we need; rather, we need to ask, “How can we achieve financial balance?”

How would it feel if the whole family saved for that big, new TV, with the children contributing from their pocket money? Think of the excitement of the whole family going to purchase the item. The achievement and gratitude would bring families together and children would learn to save and appreciate their new acquisitions and money far more.

Cover of A Spiritual Budget: 7 Steps to Financial FreedomSome very basic and simple values have been lost in society. How many of us look around and appreciate what we already have in our lives? I love to share with clients that gratitude costs nothing but brings new depths of appreciation for all that we do have.

Having a background in financial counselling and studying personal development for 12 years has given me so much insight into how the system is letting us down. While working within the system I felt that I was just putting a Band-Aid on people’s problems rather than addressing the causes. With my experience in self-development, I longed to make change and now I work with people in my own business in a totally different way, going to the core of the true issues of why people are unable to manage their finances, find the jobs and relationships they seek and live full, abundant and joyful lives while embracing their potential.

This program really has worked and assisted people by asking simple questions like, “What did you learn from your parents, peers and society about how to be financially secure? Did you take on and believe everything that was said to you and about you? Do you constantly say, ‘I can’t, I don’t have enough money or I will never get the job I want?’ Do you constantly beat your drum to this negative self talk?” If we change our drumbeat to “I can, I will succeed” financially and in all areas of our lives, we will be surprised how quickly everything around us changes.

It’s time now to break through with the self-limitations we have put in place and reach for the stars; to really take responsibility for our lives, finding out who we truly are and having the courage to step forward and embrace every opportunity that comes our way. This is our birthright, to be self-determining, courageous and living our dreams!


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